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Cover Title Year Country of Origin File Size

Armourer’s Documents & Parts Lists:

V02219 Instructions for Armourers (UK, 1916) 1912 (Reprinted with Amendments 1916) United Kingdom 6,874 KB
DDE871 D.D.(E). 871 – Instructions to guide local adjustment and repair of Mountings, Tripod, .303-inch M.G., Mk. IV – from Instructions for Armourers 1927 United Kingdom 1,306 KB
DDE1000 D.D.(E). 1000 – Mounting, Tripod, .303-in. Mk. G. Mk. IV., Wheel, Elevating, B. – Instructions for the Modification of Wheels, Elevating, A. to B. Pattern – from Instructions for Armourers 1928 United Kingdom 964 KB
V04439 Instructions for Armourers 1931
1938 UK 13,852 KB
This is the book of Instructions for Armourers that contains details on all the weapons in service at the time, and bicycles.  Includes the rifle, revolver, sword, bayonet, Lewis light machine gun and, of course, the Vickers MG.  It has been updated to 1938 with pasted in amendments.


SAID2062 Small Arms Idenfication Drawing 2062 – Gun, Machine, Vickers, .303-in., Mk. I – from Instructions for Armourers 1931 United Kingdom 3,195 KB
SAID2081 Small Arms Identification Drawning 2081 – Mounting, Tripod, .303-inch M.G., Mk. IV; Mount, Field, Lewis, .303-inch, M.G. Mk. III; Mounting, Tripod, Hotchkiss .303-inch, Mks. II* and II** – from Instructions for Armourers 1931 United Kingdom 3,118 KB
V00429 S.A. Identification Lists, C.1 American, Guns, Machine, Vickers .30in., U.S.A., Mk. 1., and Mountings 1941 United Kingdom 3538 KB
V00083 Vocabulary of Army Ordnance Stores, Section C1: Machine Guns, Mountings and Appurtenances for Ground Service Use 1942 United Kingdom 3.59 MB
V00430 Identification List – Gun, Machine, Vickers .303-in., Mk. I and Mounting Tripod, .303-in., M.G., Mk.IVB 1945 Australia 5372 KB
V00432 Vickers M.G. (.303-in.) Data Summary 1945 Canada 340 KB
V00427 Identification List For Gun, Machine, Vickers, .303-in., Mark 1 On Mounting, Tripod, .303-in., M.G., Mark 4B 1949 United Kingdom 6711 KB
V00424 Gun, Machine, .303-inch, Vickers, Mark I 1954 United Kingdom 4427 KB
emeaust_zps5cc9b178 Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Combined Maintenance Scale and Provision Schedule 1958 Australia 6,129 KB
V02710 Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Instructions 1963 Australia 6593 KB
V00428 Identification List For Gun, Machine, Vickers, .303-in., Mark 1 On Mounting, Tripod, .303-in., M.G., Mark 4B 1975 Iraq 9629 KB

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